What’s New in Appraisal Membership: July 2021

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McKissock’s Unlimited Learning Members enjoy 24/7 access to a wide array of online appraisal classes, webinars, videos, podcasts, checklists, job aids, and other resources. Plus, we’re adding to our library each month so that you get the most current and relevant information to grow your real estate appraisal career.

Do you already have an Unlimited Learning Membership? Here are some newly added appraisal webinars and tools available right now under the “Resources” tab in your McKissock Dashboard.

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Federally Related Transactions 101: When is an Appraisal Required? (Job Aid)

The definition of a Federally Related Transaction and the appraisal exemptions are covered in this guide. Learn the de minimus threshold for commercial, residential, and business loans as well as the various other available appraisal exemptions. This job aid clarifies the frequent misunderstanding that FHA and VA loans as well as loans sold to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are not Federally Related Transactions.

Ceiling Types Explained (Infographic)

A residential real estate appraiser should be familiar with the main architectural features of a residential dwelling, including its ceiling types. Ceilings may add dimension and interest to a room by creating an optical illusion of a more spacious, dramatic, and taller room. This infographic showcases and describes some of the more common ceiling types found in historic and modern homes.

Power to Prevail in 2021 and Beyond – New Residential Construction Outlook (Recorded Webinar)

No matter how long you have been in the real estate appraisal business, what we are experiencing now and over the past year due to the COVID-19 impact is unlike anything we have ever seen in recent times. In this recorded webinar, a high-energy, forward-thinking industry insider shares what is going on behind the scenes in regards to market conditions, construction design trends, and what the future holds for the new residential construction market.

Using Excel for Residential Market Analysis (Recorded Webinar)

Most Multiple Listing Services (MLS) offer a means of downloading data through Excel which the appraiser can use to develop the analysis of market trends over a specified time period. This recorded webinar uses a case study approach to walk appraisers through the process of analyzing a residential real estate market by employing basic and advanced Excel tools. Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Use the features of the Excel software to manage a large amount of data
  • Refine data into a format for analysis
  • Identify market conditions and trends
  • Analyze the effect on the subject property
  • Narrow down General Market Data to Specific Data and find the universe of potentially comparable offerings and sales.

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